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Pretty Dark Nothing: Blog Tour

Welcome to today's Blog Tour for Pretty Dark Nothing by Heather Reid. 

Below you will find all kinds of things like the book's info, a summary, an excerpt, and YES, a CONTEST to win a copy for yourself! I have not finished it quite yet, so my review will be up later, so keep checking back for that!

Pretty Dark Nothing by Heather Reid
Publication Date: April 23, 2013
Publisher: Month9Books
Pages: 321
Keywords: demons, telepathy, high school

It’s been twenty three days since Quinn has slept for more than minutes at a time. Demons have invaded her dreams, stalking her, and whispering of her death. The lack of sleep and crippling fear are ruining her life. Energy drinks and caffeine pills don’t make a dent. When Quinn dozes off in the school hallway, Aaron, an amnesiac with a psychic ability, accidentally enters her nightmare. The demons are determined to keep them apart, and Aaron from discovering the secret locked away in his memory. Together, they could banish the darkness back to the underworld for good. That is, unless the demons kill them first.

And, as with most blog tours, there is a CONTEST! Look at the things you can win!

And now for an excerpt from the book (and this is actually the very beginning of the book):

     "Quinn hadn’t slept a full night in twenty-three days. She couldn’t. Not with them waiting on the dream side. Shadows lingered in the corners—unhindered by the burning lights—waiting for her to grow careless. She yawned, eyes welling up in an attempt to wash away the boulders that lived beneath the lids. Pressing the headphones against her ears, she upped the volume as high as it would go and let Metal Mania Six shriek her awake. On the offbeat, she banged her head against the antique headboard, a quick pinch of pain to ensure she hadn’t nodded off.

     She checked the clock on the bedside table for the thousandth time willing it to race through the remaining minutes until morning. Six thirty. Half an hour until sunrise. She wasn’t sure she could last that long. Maybe she should rest her eyes, but not long enough to fall asleep. Metal Mania Six wailed a warning as her eyes flickered and shut. The rocking slowed, and then stopped. Quinn slumped to one side.

     A creeping cold inched its way across her exposed skin, dotting her flesh with goose bumps. Something dark and sinister pushed against the dead weight of her sleeping body from the other side of the headboard. The wood shuddered and groaned as something evil reached out, searching for the portal that would open with a deep sleep. Quinn’s breath quickened with the thought of what was coming, but it was too late. She was helpless, already suspended in a state of torpor between waking and dreaming and no energy left to fight.
It only took a second for the veil between reality and nightmare to rip. Tendrils of fog splintered through the headboard and coiled around her neck. She screamed, the music screamed. The noose pulled tight, digging into her windpipe, cutting her cry short. She clawed at her throat as the tendrils snaked across her neck and mouth. Whips of fog were everywhere at once, twining around her body, binding her inch-by-inch with living rope. She kicked and flailed, but the fog entombed her. Dragging Quinn through the splintered void, the fog suspended her in its web across the black abyss of the tunnel below, until, one by one, the tendrils unravelled and dissipated into the walls, leaving gravity to pull her into a long, terrifying free fall. She twisted and tumbled as she fell, hoping this time would be different, that her fingers would find something to stop the descent. But they grasped only air, and the ground rushed to meet her. Within seconds, she hit the cold, hard earth, knocking the wind out of her. She gasped. The familiar smell of damp and decay warned of where the darkness had taken her.

     She stumbled to her feet. Enormous trees stood sentry around a small clearing, their gnarled and twisted trunks mirroring the feeling inside her stomach. Broken patterns of moonlight illuminated a narrow trail across the clearing. Dry leaves littered the forest floor; their brittle veins crunched under her black leather boots as she inched toward the path.
She tried to stay quiet, but her breath came in sharp spasms. Heart hammering against her chest, she glanced over her shoulder, searching for them. They were always there. Perspiration trickled down the small of her back, and she shivered as heavy fog weaved through the maze of trees, devouring the trunks until it blocked the way out. Panic moved from her stomach to feet as she backed into a sturdy oak, its rough bark catching at a strand of long hair.

     The dark ring of fog surrounded her, moonlight eerily absorbed by its gray green mist. Something cold and damp brushed her leg. It felt like a human hand, a dead human hand, the moistness of its earthen grave still clung to its rotting flesh. Bile rose in her throat, and she swallowed hard to keep from vomiting. She shuddered as the corporal mist found her palm, inched its way between fingers, and seized both of her wrists, binding them together. Jerking away from the smoke’s grasp only succeeded in it tightening the grip of living rope until pain danced across every nerve.

     Before she could blink, two new wraith vines shot from the darkness, grabbing her legs and slamming her to the forest floor. She clawed at the ground as the tendrils dragged her into the fog. Dirt lodged under her fingernails. The earthy decay, disturbed from its winter slumber, filled her nostrils.
     “We’re coming for you, Quinn,” the fog hissed.
     Earth to earth. The image of her parents throwing a handful of dirt over her coffin as it was lowered into the ground came unbidden to her mind. Tears slid from her eyes. She didn’t want to die.
     More tendrils slithered toward her, swirling and changing into dozens of dark shadow masses. They crowded around, their bodies blacker than the surrounding night.
     “You can’t get away. He doesn’t protect you anymore.” The dark shadows reached for her.      “There’s no escape, Quinn. Earth to earth. Everyone dies. Some sooner than others.”"

Have to have more info about the book? Go add it to your Goodreads shelf, head over to the main tour schedule, or check out Heather's own website!

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