Thursday, January 23, 2014

Birthday Giveaway!

That's right! Today is my birthday! Cheers! I'm 22, which is a bit terrifying because out of nowhere, I feel so old and like I'm supposed to be a grown-up — yikes! (But don't worry, I still prefer YA books to grown-up ones any day)

And yes, I'm aware this doesn't really make sense, but for my birthday, I'm starting another choose your own ARCs giveaway from my shelf!

That's right! Out of this magical pile of ARCs (and possibly just books), the winner gets to choose which FOUR books he/she wants me to mail him/her. (So many slashes!) So just head to the rafflecopter below :)


  1. Happy birthday :) o maybe now is happy unbirthday, hope you have many new books :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope its a good one!


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