Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Book Drinks (2)

Welcome to the second installment of Friday Book Drinks, where I make a drink that is perfect alongside a YA book!

This week I've had 5 midterms all at once, so I didn't have time to get out to the store to actually make a drink, but don't worry! I still have one for you, and it's cheap and low-maintenance.

I'm pairing Sweet Water beer with Jennifer Echols' Dirty Little Secret.

I know many of you (okay, all of you) don't know this about me, but I really like beer. It's my drink of choice right behind whiskey (I grew up in Kentucky, okay?). And Sweet Water is one of my favorites, but it's extremely hard to find in some places up north. I first had it when we went on vacation to Alabama, and Louisville bars have finally started carrying it on tap, which is excellent news!

Why Did I Pick These?
I read this book last year, so it's been a while, but Jennifer Echols is always one of my go-to authors for a book I know I'll love and really feel good about when I finish it. That's how this beer is to me as well. The one pictured is one of my favorites, but they're really all good, and you can't go wrong with any of them. They, to me, are what you drink on summer nights in the country while I sing along with my cousins on the guitars to old country songs. And what better to pair it with than a book about Nashville and country singing? Nothing, that's right!

Have you had this drink before? What do you think of it? (Sorry I didn't make a modification this week for those younger, but look to last week's if you want one!)


  1. I've never had that beer before! I prefer beer over wine vs all my friends haha. I'm not sure if I can even get that beer over on the west coast. But I'll keep it in mind to check out if I'm ever over there!

  2. Love this feature! I'm a huge beer fan, and I may have tried this on a road trip last year. (My husband and I tried to make stops in places with good breweries.) Unfortunately, I didn't pick up Jen's book. She's always been one of my go-tos but her last few haven't been as strong, and I didn't see too many promising reviews for it. Which is a shame because I love the country music angle!

    1. That's kind of how I felt about this book — it wasn't my favorite, but it wasn't like I didn't like reading it. Many mixed feelings throughout.
      Thanks for stopping by! :)


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