Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Help me, I'm Swooning

Of course I want to participate in the Top Ten post that's about books to swoon over! All the swooning! (Also have you ever thought about how funny/awesome the word "swooning" is? So weird!)

1. The Mediator series : Meg Cabot : This is the first book series I truly remember adoring. My freshman year of high school, I passed my copies around to my friends and we drew little hearts and underlined our favorite bits and my copies are in such a loved, falling apart state. Jesse de Silva. My perfect man (er… ghost). 

2. The Truth About Forever : Sarah Dessen : This was another first love of books. Wes made me dream of a time that was better (or you know, not high school) and a world in which painting and art and creativity was a lovely thing that could be embrace and accepted. It made me dream that I could be a starving artist. And man, Wes made me swoon.

3. Where The Stars Still Shine : Trish Doller : Pheeeewwww. Fan please. I really loved this one. And I loved it for many reasons, one of them being its swoony boy material. It was like, more than YA love, which was excellent. Like, thank you Trish (can I call you Trish? …she says to the author who probably won't see this…) for making it more than our-eyes-meet-we're-in-love. It was real. And real swoony. 

4. A Great and Terrible Beauty : Libba Bray : This one hits top marks for overall excellence, ability to make me cry (I'm talking full on ugly sobbing), ability to make me fall in love with the book (and simultaneously make me hate it), and swoon material. Kartik. Enough said. Man alive.

5. Along for the Ride : Sarah Dessen : Yep, Sarah Dessen is making the list twice. Because Sarah Dessen. I was a sucker for this one because of the insomnia, and that was a thing I did with one of my best friends. He took me to have pancakes in the middle of the night because sleeping sucked. 

6. Anna and the French Kiss : Stephanie Perkins : You didn't think I was going to leave poor Etienne off the list did you? Oh man, I can't wait to read her other ones because of how swoony this one was. :)

7. Ruby Red : Kerstin Gier : I really fell hard for this book and this series and Gideon. He was everything I wanted in a fictional boy. Stubborn, relentless, jealous, pretty, and caring. Perfection.

8. Left Drowning : Jessica Park : I think this is an under-the-radar NA book that more people DEFINITELY need to know about. I loved it. Click the picture to see my review. And Chris left me swooning a LOT. This wasn't like a sleazy NA romance rip off thing either, it actually had substance and was believable and I fell in love with a lot of the characters and was extremely emotionally attached.

9. Heist Society : Ally Carter : I mean, it's pretty self-explanatory. Family of art thieves and sneaking around and traveling the world? This equals supreme swooning when you add Hale, gorgey thief boy who loves MC, into the mix.

10. Taste Test : Kelly Fiore : This is another one I haven't seen a ton about, so I'm not sure if people know about it. It's a reality-tv cooking teen show, with lots of fun characters. Generally a light read, but there were definite moments that made me swoon and love this guy. Mainly the tension and his supreme flirting were pretty great.

What do you think? Swooning? Nope? Link up to yours and I'll go check them out!

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  1. What a good list, Cassie! I loved Anna & the French Kiss and Ruby Red! Some of the others have been sitting on my TBR list for ages, I should look into them a bit more:)

    Here's my swoon worthy reads, if you'd like to take a look!


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