Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Book Drinks (3)

That's right! It's back! After a spring break (that was oddly filled with snow) hiatus and a midterms meltdown, Friday Book Drinks is back in business. And, in the spirit of being a college student, this one has only a few ingredients and is extremely easy to make!

This week's picks are Kelly Fiore's Taste Test and a drink called Take 3. If you haven't read the book (you totally should, it's super cute. My review is linked to the title), a little background info. It's about a reality TV cooking competition of teen chefs. And GO.

Aside from the excellent coordinating names, I think these two work well together because the Take 3 is a kind of light, airy drink, but it's mostly clear. Taste Test fits with that. This seems like a drink the competitors would not only make but also have fun trying. The whole mystery is that you can't really tell what it's going to taste like until you test it.

And now for the drink:

Basically you just pour the Cynar, liqueur, and lemon juice into a cocktail shaker, mix it all up, and pour over ice. Top it with the seltzer and an orange slice if you want (I did), and enjoy! Told you it's super easy to make.

If you want more info about the book, I'm going to put some links here, and if you make the drink or any of my Friday Book Drinks, you should TOTALLY send me pics via Twitter or Tumblr or Instagram. I use them all! #FridayBookDrinks and my username for all 3 is @happybooklovers.

Goodreads, my review, Book Depository, author's website.

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