Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Loyal Followers vs. Speed Readers

I don't know about you all, and I don't know if you know this, but I've been at this blogging thing since 2009. Don't believe me? Check out the archives over on the right.

It's hoards longer than a ton of super popular blogs out there. I haven't been able to figure out how to get mine noticed more. And this year, I've adopted social media for it and interacted more and more with the blogging community. And I've discovered something. That's not what I set out to do.

I started the blog to keep track of what I've read, what I've loved, and to talk about books. That's it. ARCs are a plus, and my library has expanded so much I can't fit my books in my room anymore. I love that. But the best part? I've met so many great people, I've discovered my passion in life (I'm desperately trying to enter publishing as a career), and I've truly enjoyed expanding and bettering my blog over the years.

Which brings me to the point I wanted to make.

My blog views spike when I host titled giveaways.

What do I mean by that? When I specifically title something as a "giveaway," I get all these people suddenly "reading" my blog who I've never seen anywhere before and who don't really leave quality comments. They're speed reading through and don't really care about what I'm saying about the books.

And to my loyal readers — I know I don't have many (and welcome, to all you new ones), but I genuinely appreciate you all. I've met some pretty cool book friends here on Internetland, and I really like having you all around. I love your comments, and I always make an effort to keep up reading your blogs and commenting on your posts because I genuinely love talking about books.

So thanks for sticking around :)

And as far as giveaways go, I think I'm going to stop titling them as such. I like to save my books for people who truly want them.


  1. I totally get this post. I want new followers to my blog and I want the numbers to keep increasing, but I want them to be real followers. I want to share books with people that I've made a connection with. I want people to leave comments on my blog because they want to not because they feel like they have to or because they want a free prize.

    Aly @ My Heart Hearts Books

    1. Well you've got a new one now! :) I am always looking to expand my book circle, and it makes me so sad that there are so many people that are just in it for free books. I mean, they're GREAT. But I also you know... want to TALK about them, which is the whole point of the blog!
      Hugely appreciate the comment! :)

  2. I guess it's hard to control: unless your blog is invite-only, anyone can view/follow you, even if they're only here to try and win a free book. And some people just don't seem to like leaving comments, which I think is the best way to interact and let bloggers know that you're reading their posts.

    It is better not to focus on the number of followers and just focus on the books :)

    1. That's what I'm trying to do :) Recently I just had about 20 people follow me for a contest and immediately unfollow afterwords. Just made me realize how much I love actual readers! :)

  3. Earlier this year, I decided to join giveaway hop because I had never been on one before (and I like to try blogging things at least once just for the experience), and it was nuts. I got a ton of new followers and comments from my giveaway post, but most people that entered haven't come back to read my blog (as far as I know). So, while I'm glad that I got to experience being on a giveaway hop at least once, it's not something that I'm looking forward to do much in the future.

    Anyway, I love loyal followers. Each one of them is so much better than the ones that just visit once to win a book. The ones that come back to visit my blog are the ones that seem to actually care about what I'm writing about. They're the ones that know me the best because they read more than one of my posts.

    Great post! I saw the title in my Bloglovin' feed and decided that I needed to check it out and make a comment. :)

    1. That's kind of the experience I had. I gained a bunch and then lost them right after I hosted a few giveaways, and I was sad that they weren't truly interested in the blogging community. I'd much rather have fewer followers who actually read because I think it makes the experience so much better!
      Thanks for stopping by :)


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