Monday, March 31, 2014

Monthly Wrap Up — March

So the big thing this month is that I got a Tumblr! You should check it out, there are a ton of beautiful photos of books and libraries that I've been finding, and basically I'm just drooling over all of them.


Instagram Likes

This was my favorite quote I came across in books this month, and possibly one of my favorite passages of all time. It is from Amy McNamara's "Lovely, Dark and Deep."

That's it for the month! I hope to be picking up soon, because I feel like I didn't read a whole lot or comment on blogs a lot, but school has been CRAZY. Last semester, and I graduate May 10. Did I also mention I got into the Disney College Program? So if I'm not hired for a publishing job (*wink*wink* publishers I'm looking at you!), I will be heading to Orlando on May 19!

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