Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Book Drinks (4)

First honesty claim, the below picture is not mine. I got so excited when I made this I forgot to take a picture of the one I made, and then it was gone and I was sad! :) So you can take it from there that it was pretty tasty. I got this recipe from Dine & Dish, and that's where the photo came from, too.
This week's drink: Friday Night Coffee Cocktail!

It's super simple, just mix the liquors together and pour in your hot coffee! I used Seattle's Best #4 (I used to work at a Seattle's Best in Borders, before they had the stupid numbers. Basically this was Six Avenue blend. It's pretty dark roast but with a bolder flavor rather than a smoky one). And here's their photo paired with the book I'm pairing it with!

I recently raved about this book because it's amazing, and I chose it for one main reason. In the book, these two friends communicate via a late-night radio show along with other people like a lonely elderly woman, a middle-aged man who thinks he's from the future, and other super interesting characters. This late night radio show is something that is pivotal to the movement of the book, and what's a late night without a little spiked coffee?

(For my under-21 audience, something you can do for your coffee is to add about an ounce of cream of coconut to a glass, pour in a little milk to get it all mixed up, and then pour in your hot coffee. Some shops even sell irish creme flavor if you want to try that to add a little kick to your drink!)

What do you think about this week's Friday Book Drinks?

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  1. I LOVE THIS. It sounds delicious. :) Always happy for more coverage of ROBOT too.


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