Friday, April 18, 2014

YA Movie Adaptations

It seems like every time we turn around, the next gigantic blockbuster is based off some new, thrilling YA book trilogy that people can't stop talking about. The Hunger Games finale is being split into two movies, and Divergent is killing it at the theaters, so it's looking pretty likely that it'll get renewed for the next installments  and it's been decided Allegiant will be split into two movies. Tahereh Mafi's Shatter Me series is dominating shelves now, and it may be next up in line for a movie deal.

As far as stand-alones are concerned, John Green is the big talk with The Fault in Our Stars premiering in June and his book Paper Towns just got up for a movie proposition as well. Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor & Park won everyone over, and she announced the movie news this week (also, check out this super gorgeous girl and her sister, who did a photo shoot of one of them, who looks straight up like Eleanor and is gorgeous and people should see her)

But it's not just teenagers hitting up these theaters getting the box office up, and it's not just teenagers getting the hype up for the books so they're even made into movies anyway. It's becoming more and more of a thing for adults (or those pretending to be adults) to be reading YA. And true, I still feel a little weird reading them out in public, which is a whole other thing. So what's with the YA movie becoming so popular? And why can't we just let a movie be a movie?

First, I'll address the YA popularity in the theaters. Whether "grown-ups" like it or not, the fact is that YA books are HELLA more creative now. True, there are still some kick ass adult fiction books out there that deserve more attention, but as a whole, there isn't another genre that is pumping out this many innovative and deserving books. And while I'm about burned out on the dystopian books, there is still so much going on with movies and technology now that these alternate worlds give filmmakers the chance to do some hardcore experimenting with special effects, costumes, and makeup that they might not have had the chance to do with something else.

Second, the double movies. While TFiOS isn't a series, and Paper Towns is not a part of it, I don't think it needs to be a movie. One is enough. STOP. I mean, I'm super excited for the TFiOS movie (holla at ya' nerdfighters!), and remember that time the trailer almost broke YouTube the day it premiered? However, I do not want all his books to be movies. If people want the story, there's this crazy thing you do with books called READING THEM.

And SERIOUSLY?! Hollywood, stop milking us for more money, I do not want all my movies to end in a two-part finale.

Harry Potter (though, admittedly, they did really well with this one, and there was simply too much to fit it into one movie), the Hunger Games, and now Divergent? There is not enough that happens to warrant almost 6 hours of movie time for these endings. I don't even think it took me 6 hours to READ the entirety of Mockingjay. We're not stupid, Hollywood. We're aware you're trying to make more money. This won't make me go to the theaters. I wait for DVDs thank you very much.

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  1. Although I'm still going to see these movies, it's getting kinda ridiculous. The splitting the last book into two movies trend is really irking my nerves. I mean not much happened in Mockingjay (haven't read Allegiant so I wouldn't know) so it's obvious this is all about money. I'm still going to see them because I want to support my favorite books, but I really don't like this trend, and I hope it dies out soon.


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