Saturday, May 31, 2014

Monthly Wrap Up — April & May

So some of you may have noticed (hopefully someone noticed) there was no monthly wrap up at the end of April. That is the result of finals week, my friend. College was hard. I use "was" because I GRADUATED! I literally have never been happier about a single event in my life. So I'm combining the two into what you will see below, and I'll attempt to go in order, though I can't promise anything. :)

That was a lot of books for two months! I have recently been on a reading rampage, too, so there should be a lot more coming your way!

In Case You Missed It

These past two months I also talked about rereading books, how I feel about recent movie adaptations, participated in Rock the Drop 2014 (and even made a video!), and shared an opinionated piece on swearing in books
I'm also currently in Florida! I got a college internship working for Disney World! I was placed on Main Street, USA in Magic Kingdom working in some of the shops! It's been exhausting going through training, but a lot of fun so far, and I'm very excited for the next 8 months. 

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