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Fan Art

Fan Art by Sarah Tregay
Publication Date: June 17, 2014
Publisher: Katherine Tegen
Pages: 368
Keywords: art, sexuality, high school
Format Read: ARC via publisher (thank you!)
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Senior year is almost over, and Jamie Peterson has a big problem. Not college—that’s all set. Not prom—he’ll find a date somehow. No, it’s the worst problem of all: he’s fallen for his best friend.
As much as Jamie tries to keep it under wraps, everyone seems to know where his affections lie, and the giggling girls in art class are determined to help Jamie get together with Mason. But Jamie isn’t sure if that’s what he wants—because as much as Jamie would like to come clean to Mason, what if the truth ruins everything? What if there are no more road trips, taco dinners, or movie nights? Does he dare risk a childhood friendship for romance?
As soon as I got this, I was so thrilled. The cover is adorable, and I just graduated with a degree in English and Graphic Design, so this was like everything I wanted in a book.

But when I began, it was really slow getting into it. Nothing in particular that was huge, just a lot of little things that added up and made it kind of difficult to get into. Jamie was an okay character. If you've read my reviews before, you know that I don't dismiss a book because I don't like the character. But I didn't understand some of his actions, and I didn't understand why he was thinking the things he was. I just didn't buy it. One of the great things about this book was how supportive his mother and stepdad were, and he found a way to make that terrible. I've never had to go through coming out or anything like that, so I don't know, but it seemed like the two people that knew about him being happy for him — one would think he would embrace this or at least be relieved. But he makes it really negative.

In addition, all his friendships he makes are really great, and he doesn't seem to want to put any effort into them because all he wants is to think about Mason. He doesn't want to do ANYTHING ever. And I want to talk about the artwork he vouched for in the lit mag. The art was cool, but his fellow workers were right, some of them argued it had no plot. And it really didn't. That was my big issue with it. Not that it represented homosexuality (my best friend is gay, and I will be the first in line with rainbow flags to show my support), but the actual storyline kind of sucked, and as a story, it just didn't hold up. I can see that point of view why some students didn't want it in.

I liked it a little more as I got into it because I liked Eden and Challis a lot. I was much more interested in these side characters that weren't given much stage time. And the book seemed fine. I liked the pranks people pulled. They seemed actually human when this happened. There was a lot that just seemed forced and straining, and I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

I'm ending it here for people who haven't read the book. If you have, you can move past the bolded words.

Read When: Meh. It was okay. Good for people struggling with their sexuality or getting ready to go into high school. If you're not one of those people, read at your own risk. It was fine, but nothing spectacular.

Most of the time, I make my reviews free of spoilers. 
You've been warned.

The ending? I was so upset with the ending. Real life doesn't work that way. And I know that I guess it could, and this isn't supposed to be real life or anything. But, come on. It really is going to work out that way? I don't buy it. I really wanted to see Jamie struggle with the concept that he may have to just remain friends with Mason because that happens a lot. Everyone struggles with having a crush on their friend at some point, and about 83% of the time, it doesn't work out. But people move on. I thought it would've been really cool

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