Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Choosing My Next Read: A Discussion

Today I wanted to talk about a little something different.
TBR piles.

I see a lot of people posting pictures and posts of their monthly or weekly TBR piles, and I always think, "I'm going to do that!"

And then I don't.

Because here's what will happen:
I'll get the books pulled out of my meticulously sorted shelves, they'll sit on my nightstand for a month while I decide I'm not in the mood to read any of those, and then I'll eventually take a deep breath and put them all back where they go.

I've tried to organize some sort of method, and I do actually focus on newer releases, but when it comes to picking out a book to read, I'm totally a mood reader and I decide 100% in the moment what I'm going to pull of my shelf.
Which results in my TBR pile just being my bookshelves in my room. AKA a LOT of books.

This is a really short post with not really a giant point, but I was wondering if all bloggers plan out what they're going to read, or are you like me and just grab whatever you feel like reading?


  1. I actually just did a post on this...it was a discussion post between me and Sana from Artsy Musings of a Bibliophile, talking about the difference between mood readers and readers who are more organized. Personally, I'm somebody who's just a really organized person in general (sometimes a good thing, sometimes a bad thing haha), and I tackle my reading with that same systematic style that I use in my everyday life. So — yup — I'm one of those bloggers who plans out what they're going to read each month. It just works for me! But I think that it's more important to read how YOU want to read, not how you think you "should" be reading or something. If you're a mood reader, embrace it!

    1. OO I'm definitely going to check that out! I always just feel like I should have a more organized system or something since I'm a very organized person. I plan everything else about my blog except what I'm actually reading. But I think it's fun that way :)

  2. And that's exactly why I stopped showing my TBR pile too. It's jinxed I tell you. The minute I blog that I want to read x,y and z - is the moment when those books no longer seem to appeal to me!

  3. Blogspot swallowed my comment and I forgot to highlight and copy what I typed before publishing my comment :( Sigh. I'll try to retype it, so here goes.

    I think I do combination of planning and reading on a whim. I read what I want to read whenever I want to read it but I do borrow a lot of library books, so library hauls inevitably determine my TBR pile for the upcoming weeks. Although it does happen that I return a bunch of books without reading them. Sometimes it's because I ran out of time, while at other times it's because I lost interest during that duration of time and would rather read those books some other time.

    1. I have such a library problem! I also check a lot of books out and then don't seem to have time to read them. I just get so excited about seeing books that I haven't read or don't have at home that I want to take them all without any sort of regard to how many I'll realistically be able to read. Sigh... :( But then I suppose we'll never really run out of anything to read!


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