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Double Kingdom: The Selection and The Elite Reviews

I read both of these so quickly, it only makes sense to pair them together for a review. I'll try and keep it mostly spoiler-free, and I'll only put the description of the first one below so it won't ruin things for you.
And so you know, I'm 100%, without a doubt, Team Maxon. :)

The Selection and The Elite by Kiera Cass
Release Date: April 24, 2012 and April 23, 2013
Publisher: Harper Teen
Keywords: royalty, competition, dystopia
Format Read: Hardcover purchased (#1) and library book (#2)
Book Depository #1 | Book Depository #2

I did NOT expect to love these books as much as I did. I mean, I thought I was done with dystopian stuff, but this series was so different from the rest. It wasn't dark and gloom and secret crazy rebellion. I mean, a little of that exists. But it's under the premise of a royal competition, where the prince basically has his pick of 35 girls, and by the end of the selection process, he'll have chosen a wife. So on top of the anarchy and chaos that is this futuristic world, there are also parties and pretty dresses and some sense of normalcy even though this could not be further from anything I've experienced.

The world-building was what truly got me. There were historical aspects to it, and Cass let the reader in on EXACTLY how the country got to be in the state that it was, and we got to witness America (the girl, not the country) discovering for herself secrets about the place in which she grew up and thought she knew. This aspect alone will make me hurl the books at your head if you haven't read them.

And now for the people. Oh, yes, the people. I'm going to start with the friendships and we'll ease our way into the love triangle debacle. Marley was one of the competitors in the selection with America, and she was my favorite. They instantly bonded and had an excellent friendship that was just so wonderful to read about. And there are things that happened that made me feel things and made me love Marley so much more once I read the second one, and I cannot wait to see her again.
And here we go. There's Aspen, and there's Maxon. Aspen is the hometown love interest that's supposed to be the "follow your heart" branch of this. And there's Maxon, who, shortly into book one, proves to America that he's actually a really good guy, and they form a really great bond. So there's a whole lot of reasons why America is in the competition, and helping her family secure financial stability is one of them. Why she's still pining after Aspen who pushes her to participate in the selection in the first place is beyond me, especially when she's doing so well with Maxon and helping her family and doing so many good things and has such an amazing opportunity.
But I digress. I'm forever Team Maxon, unless something CRAZY happens in The One.

And I am so impatiently waiting for The One to not be checked out at the library (I'm on hold for it, but I feel like I'm dying) so I can read it in about a day ECSTATIC because I just received a notice it's at the library, and I may already have it read by the time this post goes live. Seriously, I devoured these books.


  1. I finished The One a couple of weeks back. When I first picked The Selection up I didn't expect to love it as much as I did either. I think you'll love The One.

    I was definitely Team Aspen in the first couple of books, I didn't really like Maxon but he grew on me in The One.

    1. I'm very excited to read it, and I'm starting it today, so I'll definitely be updating as I go (or realistically I may finish it all in one go).
      Thanks for visiting! :)


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