Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Book Drinks: In the Lap of Luxury

In a couple days my review (it's a double feature) will be up basically gushing for several paragraphs about how into The Selection Series I am. And while I (very) impatiently wait for The One to arrive back at the library so I can go snatch it, I thought I would feature it in a Friday Book Drinks!

Just look how regal this cover is! And throughout the course of the series, America and the other contestants are put through events and fancy dinners, and they even have to plan a party themselves once.

This is Elderflower Champagne, and I think it's one of the most sophisticated-looking and tasting drinks out there, and I can totally see the contestants at one of the Queen's gatherings sipping this light and airy cocktail.

St. Germain (a delicate French liqueur made of elderflower blossoms)
Thinly sliced cucumber (garnish)
Fresh mint (garnish)

 It's very simple, and all you need to do is to fill a tumblr with ice and fill it 3/4 up with champagne. It's topped off with the St. Germain and garnishes to give it the light and airy taste. Next you can put on your fantastic ball gown and waltz on over to the palace and have this drink alongside the royal family. You know, if you can. Which I can't. :( Always sad to not be part of royalty.

What do you think about this drink and book? Any other fancy-pants drinks that would go well too?

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