Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Book Drinks: Goin' to the Chapel

I flew through Lindsey Leavitt's Chapel Wars, and I thought it was such a cute book. I mean, Vegas wedding chapels plus feuding families over said chapels? Coolest story line ever.

There's this point in the book when Holly (the MC) and her friends (a bunch of guys) are hanging out at Holly's best friend Sam's house watching the game and helping Holly with signs, envelopes, and other marketing stuff for her chapel. Porter, one of the guys, finds a bottle of Kaluha in a cabinet.
Turns out, it's an old bottle, and Sam's dad was storing leftover old alcohol in there all mixed together, planning on throwing it out, but Porter takes a swig before Sam can tell him this. EW.

This scene inspired me to pick a Kaluha drink for today, something I'm sure Porter would have much rather tasted than a conglomeration of stale mixed drinks. So today we're going to go with a classic White Russian to spruce up Porter's tastes in alcohol.

 A White Russian is super easy to make and traditionally looks like the glass on the right, but I think it tastes nasty that way, so I mix mine all together like the glass on the left. But I'll give you the option for either.
All you'll need is:
2 oz. vodka
1 oz. Kaluha
1 oz. light cream or milk
Put ice in your glass, and pour in the vodka, then the Kaluha. The Kaluha will naturally sink because it's heavier, so you'll get a layered effect. Then top it off with the milk or cream, and it will naturally sit on top. There's no need to stir because your alcohol is supposed to be at the bottom, but it's much better tasting if you do (in my humble opinion).

My review should be up in the next week or so (spoiler alert--I loved it!) for The Chapel Wars, but until then, kick back with a White Russian, and enjoy your weekend!

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