Monday, October 27, 2014

F**k, Marry, Kill: Monster Edition

This post is part of my blogtober celebration, my month-long blog party about all things creepy and Halloween-y! Don't forget I've got a ton of giveaways going on!

Partly inspired by my undying love of Jesse de Silva and partly inspired by Asti's Scary or Marry Monsters post, today's content comes to you in the fashion of the most popular game on the high school (and probably middle school) bus. (I didn't ride the bus in middle school, so I can't be certain)

F**k, Marry, Kill
(I've got a mouth like a drunken sailor, but I know some people aren't okay with that kind of language, so since I'll be using it a lot, I've put stars in for some of the letters)

I'm going to pick my favorite 3 books in each category (ghosts and sci-fi outcasts), and pick one of the boys to nominate for the match! Let me know if you agree with my choices!

First up: GHOSTS
Okay, so ghosts are supposed to be scary. And in real life, I'd probably pee myself if I saw one. But in books, they're often seen as undeniably hot or at least fun and cool to hang out with.
These books include ghosts or paranormal beings not visible to all humans.

First up, I'd kill Xemerius, the ghost who appears in the Ruby Red series. I mean, he's hilarious, but between Jesse and Bennett? Can't compete. Sorry, pal. Next is the tough decision. Now, Bennett (from Deception) isn't a ghost, but he's a ghostwalker, and I figure that's close enough (shhhh, it's my game!). As much as I'd want to keep the both of them around forever, I'd f**k Bennett because 1. he's a real human and 2. I really just want to marry Jesse (from Mediator) so I could keep him for all eternity. That's not creepy.

These are the ones who don't really fit into any category other than that they don't fit in and it's paranormal weirdness. Like wings, or they can talk to dead people, or they control the universe. You know, average stuff.

I know a lot of people are really obsessed with the main man from the Hush, Hush series, but I just didn't feel it. He seemed really misogynistic to me, and he drove me mad. So sorry, but I'd kill Patch. Next up is another undying love sort of scenario. I've loved Fang from Maximum Ride for ages, and he's moody and kind of a loner but also really caring, so I'd for sure marry Fang. That leaves Aelyx, who is drawing the lucky stick today. I don't really love him, but since the other two are gone, I guess his pretty alien looks would be interesting... so I'll f**k Aelyx (from Alienated).

Do you all agree with my choices? Who are some other characters in these categories you have strong feelings toward?

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