Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Halloween Blogger Interview: Wendy @ Book Scents!

This blogger interview is part of BLOGTOBER, my month-long blog celebration of all things creepy and Halloween-related! If you've got a fall/creepy post, make sure to add it to the Linky!

Today, I welcome Wendy @ Book Scents! She's done an excellent Halloween & book-related interview! Don't forget I've got several giveaways going on, including winning a Through the Woods poster and a handmade kitty journal!

Introduce yourself and your blog! Do you have any good Halloween jokes to break the ice?
Hi! I’m Wendy and I blog at Book Scents where I review YA and NA books. Hmm. Okay, I’ve got one. Where did the goblin throw the football? Over the GHOUL line!
hahaha... okay I really do like bad jokes, too. :)

How do you feel about the fall season? Are you a pumpkin spice latte blogger or a “bring back the summer” blogger?
Hmm it’s complicated. I LOVE fall but I spent the last 4 years living in Vegas where we basically had no fall and now that I’m back in WA, it’s WEIRD to me that summer is over already! I wish I could get just a few more weeks of summer then I’ll be all ready for fall! I LOVE scarves and boots and everything pumpkin!! Love pumpkin spice lattes but I make them at home now because Starbucks dumps like an entire bag of sugar in theirs....

Any Halloween traditions you’d like to share?
I don’t have any really! I love pumpkin carving but haven’t gotten to do that the past few years!

Want to share some costumes when you were a child?
Ahh too bad I don’t have access to my kid pictures! I was Snow White one year. Funny story: I found the costume sometime when I was in undergrad and was like, hey, I could totally fit into this and wear it as a shirt. So I decided to yank it over my head and try it on. And I got stuck. Couldn’t get the stupid thing back off. Thank goodness my mom was home and she helped me, but she was definitely like what are you thinking?! Haha.
Okay and here is a picture from.. oh gosh this was a long time ago. Freshman year in college? I was a Starbucks cup. :) Any fellow addicts out there who can tell what drink I am?

Have you done any fall activities yet?
Just been making pumpkin spice lattes at home! Delicious. And we picked up some pumpkin ales from Costco to try out and they’re really good!

Here’s some lightning round questions!
What’s the creepiest book you’ve ever read? 

House of Leaves! By Mark Danielewski. It’s not scary per se but... the house basically changes and is super creepy and I get scared easily? And I read it late at night in my house by myself.

What’s a movie you HAVE to watch around Halloween? 

I think Hocus Pocus is a true Halloween classic!!

Do you handle scary books/movies well or do you have to read them in the morning so you don’t get scared? 

No no no no no I cannot handle scary movies at all. Scary books I don’t really read much of but I can deal, but movies? NO. My husband unfortunately loves scary movies and forced me to watch two back to back when we first started dating. I suffered through it because I liked him but we watched Nightmare on Elm Street and then Halloween and it was HORRIBLE, I didn’t want to sleep for days.

What would be better? Waking up to a creepy clown with a machete or twin girls chanting in unison?
Creepy clown, hands down, any day. Kids make things 1000x scarier. Like all those scary movies with possessed little kids? THE WORST!! And the twin girls remind me of the movie the Shining which I have never finished because I turned it off and will never ever ever revisit again.

And, finally, most importantly: What was your favorite candy to get trick-or-

Ohhhh I liked the mini Snickers bars!

Thanks so much to Wendy for being here today! Everyone leave Wendy some comment love and go check out her blog Book Scents! She's doing an awesome Football Friday feature for football & YA loving people! Turns out, there are quite a few of us! 

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