Saturday, October 18, 2014

What's Left on the TBR Pile

This review is part of my blogtober celebration, my month-long blog party about all things creepy and Halloween-y! Don't forget I've got a ton of giveaways going on!

After going through my schedule for the second half of blogtober, I realized I have WAY too many more books on my creepy TBR pile than days left in October. So I'm introducing my halfway point post. I'm going to post all the books I have reviewed this month, and all the books I still have yet to read. That way, even if I can't read them before the month is up, you'll know I still have good intentions!

Books Reviewed So Far

(click on the pictures to see my reviews)

Books Still on the Pile:
 (Yes, I realize there are actually more than 9 days left in October, but I've already got other things planned out, so there just aren't enough empty days on my blog to fit all these)

 Is there anything I should push immediately to the front of my reading list? I'm currently reading The Savages and really enjoying it. :)

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