Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014 Resolutions Reflection

This year was the first year I made resolutions for the blog, and I think it turned out surprisingly well! I'm not too great at long-term goals (I tend to forget if there's not an event or something I'm actively working toward), but I think my three goals were realistic, doable, and helped improve my blog!

Below are the resolutions I posted about way back in January, and I'm going to see how well I did!

1. Read more e-books. For those of you who read regularly, you know I'm not a fan. I have a Kindle. I don't like it. But, my ratio on NetGalley is suffering (I think, like everyone else's). I need to catch up and stop requesting so many books I don't actually have the time to read. Until I can read 5, I'm not allowing myself on NetGalley to look at any more.

How'd I do?
I really worked hard on this one. Right when I first got a Kindle, I was so click-happy and unrealistic on NetGalley. I WAY overestimated how much I'd actually read. Resulting in a 10% feedback ratio. Sheesh. I am so sad at myself. But, I have knocked SO MANY out by motivating myself to go to the gym (great for treadmill use) and telling myself I have to read these. I've gotten my percentage up to 30.5%! Which still is not great. I'd love for it to be 80% like they say. But I read 27 e-books this year, and I think that's pretty crazy.

2. VLOG! Yep, vlog. This is a thing I'll be trying (this week, actually) so any tips, other vloggers to follow, or anything at all really will be welcome. I am planning on vlogging reviews/thoughts on books. Not full-fledged reviews, but an aspect in particular that made me think about a certain topic (hint, I'll be starting with Allegiant).

How'd I do?
Pretty well! I made more than one video, and I have like 12 whole people subscribed to my channel! It's not super high on my priority list, but it was pretty fun filming them! I have a theory in my head that I want to film Friday Book Drinks in a chat-style book talk but with drink-making involved. I'm just lazy and haven't done it yet.

3. Put down books I don't like. I'm a terrible book-quitter. I try so hard to like everything, and it puts me in a book slump when I get stuck on a book I loathe. So I'm going to put down books this year I don't want to read!

How'd I do?
This is what I did the best with, I'd say. I have a feature now called Reshelved where I talk about why I didn't like what I was reading, why I ultimately put it down, and who I think would like the book. That way, instead of being entirely negative, someone can find if that book may be for them even though I personally would not recommend it. It makes me feel a little better for not finishing it. I just don't have the time to spend on books I don't like.

Did you all make goals? How did you do? Do you think I'll EVER get my NetGalley ratio back up?

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