Sunday, December 14, 2014

All the Bright Places: Blog Tour Kickoff!

I am happy to share with you that I am kicking off the tour for All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven! To celebrate this awesome book (seriously, I loved this one. I'll be reviewing it later this week, so stay tuned), I've made another Pinterest collage of things that I thought worked well with the book!

The book is set in a small town in Indiana (yay home pride!), and the top right picture is actually from my street! The Indiana factor is a big one, and there's a particular hill Violet and Finch go to that reminded me of home, seeing as my town sits about 600 feet above and looks out over Louisville.

Post-its and small notes are a big part of Finch's world, and he uses them to document ideas about songs, words, and other things he likes, and they are a constantly changing and evolving set of notes. He introduces them to Violet, and they become a big part of their relationship.

Lastly, my favorite. One of the central focuses of the book is the school project they are working on together, exploring Indiana. My favorite scene includes them finding a Bookmobile Park, run by a couple who was sad to see Bookmobiles not going to use, so they bought a bunch and ran a little park of book stores on wheels.

And, thanks to the lovely people at Random House, I am able to give away a copy right here, right now! Just enter using the form below and commenting answering the questions provided:

I really loved this book, and make sure to stop by the other blogs on the tour! (which I will have a list of soon, stay tuned!)


  1. I love the pictures you picked! I am really excited for All The Bright Places - even more now, after seeing the images you thought go well with the story!
    It just happens I'm visiting my own hometown in Poland right now - I came here to spend Christmas with my family and my baby-doll daughter, Tori. I am exploring all the new places and re-visiting all the old ones. I am really enjoying my stay! :) Plus, I love post-its.

    Thanks for sharing this! :)
    Evie @Bookish

  2. Cannot wait for this book to come out!

  3. I LOVE your shot of your street because it's not your typical down-a-road photo. I love how the shadows are wavy in contrast to the straight fence. It's a cool landscape shot. =p

    I finally got home today! Though it's not technically in my hometown I want to go to this candy/book/music store in the next town over because I've heard really good things about it. I did a lot of exploring when I was in Evansville, which I've accidentally called home many times. It's always neat seeing going to places that others have discovered and fell in love with enough to bring you so that you can fall in love with it too.

  4. I NEED this book in my life, ASAP. *sigh*

  5. The images you chose are all very colorful. I especially like the one with the country road. I love driving on the country back roads in my hometown.


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