Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Book Drinks: Holiday Happiness

Welcome to a special holiday installment of Friday Book Drinks! This is a regular feature I created where I pair cocktails with books I'm reading because, you know, drinks are great!

I've been saving this book for a FBD feature because winter drinks are literally my favorite thing ever, and I'm 4 stories into this anthology and LOVING it.

Obviously, hot chocolate is delicious. There's no debate about that. But making grown-up hot chocolate is one of my favorite things about wintertime. Curling up with spiked hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, and a good book is what Friday nights in December were meant for.

You can always just put some peppermint schnapps into hot cocoa to make it instantly better, but this recipe is super easy to follow, and will help you up your game with HOMEMADE schnapps to add to your drinks. (I've tested and can confirm that it's 100% amazing and delicious).

It's the perfect warm and fuzzy drink to pair with warm and fuzzy stories (my favorites so far have been Midnights because DUH it's Rainbow R. and she's basically Queen of the world, and Stephanie Perkins' story with the Christmas tree farm. Mainly I think because I have a fascination with real pine trees. We've always had a fake one because my brother's allergies will nearly kill him if we bring a real tree inside.)

Have you read these stories yet? Tried some grown-up hot chocolate? What's your favorite drink when it's cold outside?


  1. I'm dying to read My True Love Gave to Me! And after this post I'm really craving some hot cocoa.

  2. I got my true love gave to me for christmas! :) I'm so excited to read it and yummm at peppermint schnapps with hot chocolate. :)

    1. It's so funny you just commented on this literally SECONDS after I finished the book :)
      I definitely had favorites, but they were all so much fun to read, especially in between Christmas and New Year's!


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