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Unravel Me and Ignite Me reviews

I FINISHED A SERIES! In case you're new here, I'm really terrible at series. I'm talking really, truly, awful. I just get distracted and end up not finishing them. But recently I made it a goal of mine to finish the Shatter Me series before the end of the year, and I did it! (If you haven't read the first one, definitely don't read any further, but maybe proceed with caution anyway if you haven't finished the entire series. I may be the only one left who hadn't finished the books though)

The second book picks up where we left off, with Juliette, Adam, and James settled in at Omega Point, and they are trying to fit in and figure out just what this underground city was built for.

I have to say, I enjoyed these two books much more than the first one, which is definitely not how I usually feel with trilogies. The first book revolved so much more around the stasis of Juliette's situation and the fact that she was stuck for so long in a solitary cell. I also loved that in the second book we were introduced to a whole host of new characters. I know they appeared in the first one, but we really got to know all the new people instead of focusing entirely on Juliette and Adam (who, by the way, I never really liked).

Unravel Me
Normally I feel like second books are kind of still. It's the planning book before you get to the real action in book three. That was not the case with Unravel Me. The plot still moved forward even though the majority of it was the planning stages for the upheaval of The Reestablishment. Between the training, the research, the character development, and the war planning stages, there was so much going on to keep me from getting bored halfway through this book. Instead, it propelled my interest for book three.
And I want to talk about Kenji for a moment. I love his relationship with Juliette and how good of friends they become. With so much going on in the book, it was still wonderful to have a focus on a pure friendship with such a wonderful character. Seriously, Kenji stole the show. He is my favorite.

Ignite Me
Again, Kenji stole the show. His character is the best and the strongest, hands down.
A lot changed for the onset of this book, including team members fighting and where their home base was. This was a huge leap to take, but I thought it was also a bit unrealistic because of who was left. It seemed too convenient. Regardless, the third installment, in my opinion, was the best. Juliette stopped (well, sort of) so whiny, which was a characteristic I really hated in book two. She matured the most of the characters (with quite a bit of pushing) and WOAH steamy scenes alert! That I was totally a fan of (you know, the person she was with). I was pretty much a fan of all the characters except Adam, whom I found extremely whiny for a person supposedly in a war and supposed to be fighting for his brother and protecting people.

I am so glad I finished this series, and now I see what all the fuss was about. It just took a little prodding because the first book was so still. But they got so much better, and they will definitely be on my keep shelf :)

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  1. Hi!
    I also recently finished the Shatter Me series, and I totally agree that they just got better as the series progressed. By the third book I could not stand Adam, and I thought he was acting totally irrational (as you said) given the circumstances. Kenji was an amazing character and one of my favourites (along with James)! I really wish we could get a novella with him as the main character! I know a few people didn't like the series or the first book at all, so it's great to see someone who enjoyed the series, too!

    - Barbara @ My Bibliophile Mind


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