Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy Book Stuff #3

I find things all the time that make me drool because I want to own them, and I definitely can't afford them right now. So I wanted a place to compile all the pretty bookish things that I plan on (someday) having in my possession. Want to see more bookish favorites? I've decided a better name for this segment will be Happy Book Stuff!

Today will be bookish things I found on Etsy that I can't get over!

I saw Andi @ Andi's ABCs pining over this love, and I wanted to share it over here! I would love to add this to my book collections to keep track of books I lend out to people. Though I may feel some reservations stamping it in my books. Would you use a stamp like this?

If there's anything I need to own, it's a card catalog file. I have a thing for shelves and containers anyway, and I've always wanted to own something like this, used in my elementary school days. :)

My little cousin got this for Christmas from on of my aunts, and I can testify that this books is absolutely adorable. It's personalized to the child, so the girl who looks for her name can be customized (my cousin's character found out her name was Carly!)

Okay, time for a little shameless (okay, a little shameful) self-promotion! (Don't hurt me) I make handmade journals, so you can keep track of quotes you really like in books, or a physical TBR, or you can use it to try and sketch out your favorite book covers! I have some that I make from scratch and some out of vintage children's books, like this one with a funny cat on a fence.

There's tons of cool bookish stuff on Etsy, so I'm sure this will not be the last of my bookish favorites from here!


  1. Oh that stamp is really cool! Except I don't think I could stamp it in my books. Because my books. Haha. Really awesome how you make handmade journals!!! Will be checking out the shop!

  2. Ooo I took a look at your Etsy shop and it's very cute! I actually think my mom had a cat named Pyewacket when she was younger :)


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