Friday, January 23, 2015

On Not Tracking TBR and # Books Read in 2015

Hello convoluted and confusing title!

I've been thinking about this post for a while because I knew I wanted to do this in 2015. As December came to a close, Goodreads began asking me how many books I wanted to read next year. Since I broke 100 last year, I knew I could get number through the roof this year as my first year out of school and not bogged down by homework. My TBR shelf on the same site has more than 800 books on it (I was honestly surprised there weren't more). Some of my Facebook friends were boasting about their reading prowess and fancy books they've read and how many pages they got through, and that they were going to read lots lots lots more next year.

And it hit me.
I don't want that.

I've never felt pressured by counting the books I've read. And I mostly use my TBR on Goodreads to mark books I don't want to forget about rather than a "must read immediately" sort of thing. But seeing a lot of non-bloggers talking about their reading feats made me kind of angry. Not at people who count books. But at the whole idea of competing against a clock or others or yourself or whatever. I don't want that.

Reading is fun.
First and foremost, that's why I read and blog. I like it. I don't want it to lose that aspect, and I'm afraid if I keep heading down this path, I will feel behind. Sure, I'd like to read a ton this year. I know I will, in fact. I like reading. But I also want to be able to binge Netflix to my heart's content for a week straight and not feel behind or guilty about not reading for a week.

So I'm not going to worry about it! Simple as that! And I have gone back to watch the entire first 2 seasons of Gilmore Girls this past week and I regret nothing. :)
I will probably look at the number at the end of the year just for stats purposes.
And it's not that I don't approve of the tracking thing. This is just what is working better for me, and I think it will help me to keep such a positive attitude about blogging. So many people are getting burnt out and sad about blogging, and I think being more relaxed and not as strict on myself will help keep me excited about doing it.

Are you tracking number of books this year? What helps you not get stressed about blogging?


  1. I like to track the number of books I read through the year but I don't think I'm getting stressed because of it. It's just something like a "to do list" but if I read less than the number I've set it's totally fine. I'm reading books because I like it not because I have to, so the number doesn't really mean so much.

    1. I totally understand! I didn't stress out about it ever until Goodreads was asking me this year how many I wanted to read. Thanks for stopping by! :)


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