Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy Book Stuff #4

I find things all the time that make me drool because I want to own them, and I definitely can't afford them right now. So I wanted a place to compile all the pretty bookish things that I plan on (someday) having in my possession. Want to see more happy book stuff?

I'm obsessed with plants — I have been since high school. We never had plants in my house growing up because my mother (accidentally) can't keep any green things alive. But I got a tiny cactus in high school and fell in love with tiny plants. I have a really wonderful exotic angel plant and a rapidly expanding aloe plant, and I love them both. So I'd really love these little plant bookmarks.

 Another high school memory: When my AP class discussed Kafka's Metamorphosis, I fell in love with talking about classic literature. It hadn't clicked until then. Also I have vivid memories of my teacher screaming "GREGOR IS NOT A BUG!" so I will forever argue that Gregor doesn't actually transform. But that's another argument for another day. How cute is this bug pin?

Duh, HP is awesome. I would love these coasters, and I also feel like I could DIY this on a Saturday and have a ton of fun. I'd just have to find beat-up enough copies because destroying a perfectly good one is sad...


Which one of these would you most like to own?
Would YOU wear hobbit socks?

Is there a specific category you'd like to see in Happy Book Stuff? All LOTR? Only socks? Give me suggestions!

Let's discuss in the comments!

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  1. I own those tiny plant bookmarks! I bought them a long time ago and can only use them on physical copies, which I dont'read too often, but they actually work and are just adorable. I love those bookmarks. I sort of collect bookmarks and I love original ones like those.


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