Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Topics Time: Fake Relationships

Welcome to Topics Time, where I give you a few recommendations based on a particular topic for the week, including new releases and some older backlisted books you can find for cheap or at your library if you're on a budget. This week's discussion? Fake boyfriends/girlfriends!

This Topics Time is actually inspired by how excited I am to read Kasie West's The Fill-in Boyfriend, and I have the ARC, and I'm starting it this week and absolutely cannot wait. The main character in it has talked up her boyfriend to her friends, and at the prom, when he's finally going to meet them all, he DUMPS her. How rude. So she sees a guy in the parking lot and they strike up a deal to be each other's "boyfriend" and "girlfriend."

I feel like there's the obvious other ones like To All the Boys I've Loved Before and The Selection, but Topics Time is about finding those lesser known titles that are just waiting to be found in a used/backlisted section that won't hurt your bank account and still be something in the topic you want to read! I've scoured the internet and taken the hard work out for you, and here are four titles to tide you over (for the small month it is until the book comes out)!

1. The Truth About Faking by Leigh T. Moore
These kids have ulterior motives when they start fake dating. Jason wants to date Harley and Harley wants to date Trent and Trent is still hung up on Stephanie. Confusing, right? So Jason and Harley decide to fake date to make their crushes jealous so they'll want them even more. But there's a whole host of secrets to uncover, and some feelings may just turn out differently than these characters have planned.

2. Switched by Cassie Mae
Man, do the characters in this book have some confusing relationships. Kayla is the main girl here, and she's always had a crush on the hot jock of the school, which becomes a problem when her BFF starts dating him. Oof. So she and her other best friend (who's a guy and also madly in love with Kayla) team up to try and break the other couple up before the big dance. Sounds like a hot mess and like something I definitely want to see unfold. 

3. Under a Georgia Moon by Cindy Roland Anderson
This is a grown-up one that I discovered on a whim trying to find books in this topic, and now I'm very excited to read it. It's from a smaller publisher and looks super cute. Addie gets dumped by her fiancé, and like three months later he gets married to someone else, which is a dick move if you ask me. So she flees to Georgia to spend time with her aunt and clear her head. Chase is a guy who's in Georgia, and his ex-girlfriend is giving him equal issues. When Addie's ex shows up, she and Chase decide to hide from their exes by pretending to date. This sounds like such a fun southern story, and I'm all about southern stories, so it definitely got put on my TBR.

4. Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols
Jennifer Echols never disappoints in my book. I've owned this book combo forever, and I've never gotten around to it, and never really paid attention to what it's about, but now I totally wish I had it with me in my New York apartment instead of it living at home in Kentucky. Lori likes hanging at the lake, and she's always been one of the guys. But now it looks like she's interested in one (he happens to have an equally hot brother), and to make one jealous, she fake dates the other, and it sounds like a lot of complicated stuff happens and I'm totally into it. (I'm also reading 99 Days right now, and this sounds like one I want to read alongside Katie Cotugno's book about brothers and rival romances.)


  1. I am a sucker for a good old fake relationship. I can't help it. I know it's a ridiculous concept, that it always causes unnecessary drama in the book and that it can be predictable, but do I care? No! So this post is just ticking all the boxes for me. I've been wanting to read Endless Summer for a while and this post is just pushing me to start it. I've now got a bunch of new books to add to my to buy list and I am feeling a strong urge to have a fake relationship binge read, so thank you.

    Also, I am so jealous about you having an ARC of the Fill In Boyfriend, I have been excited about that book when I found it like 6 months ago and it's release date is taking so long to get here, I am certain it is gonna be good though, so enjoy :)

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