Sunday, August 2, 2015

Happy Book Stuff #5

I find things all the time that make me drool because I want to own them, and I definitely can't afford them right now. So I wanted a place to compile all the pretty bookish things that I plan on (someday) having in my possession. Want to see more happy book stuff?

THIS GIRL. Anna Mo runs an Etsy shop called Ohhio, in which she creates every book lover's dream. How much do you want one of these super-chunky blankets to wrap yourself in with a cup of tea and a book? They are crazy expensive (because obvi would be super difficult to make), so maybe one of our fav fictional book boys will buy us one?

Speaking of tea, look at this wonderful tea charm bookmark with a C. S. Lewis quote to perfectly add instant classiness to whatever you may be reading.

How cute are these I've Tread Them All socks from Modcloth? (I mean everything from Modcloth is cute, let's be real.)

I'm loving this Goosebumps patch, and if I were in gradeschool, I totally would have already successfully convinced my mom to buy it (probably two) so I could sew it onto my Jansport and my Girl Scout vest (just to be a rebel).

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  1. Satisfaction is less about delight and more about (and I'm taking the freedom to rundown more than 5 things) being wakeful.
    It's about cognizance, train, mindfulness and escaping your own make a beeline for be of administration.
    It's setting an expectation. Focusing on something.
    It's about taking every necessary step.
    Joy is doing anything you do to the best of your capacity, making yourself uncomfortable, making the best choice notwithstanding when nobody is viewing.
    There is fire in these things.


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