Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Inbox/Outbox #1

I saw this feature over at Book Riot, and I thought it would be the perfect way to chat for a little bit about books I've received, books I've finished, and books I'm in the middle of reading. The inbox are recent titles I've acquired (ARCs, purchased, library, egalleys, or any other means of attaining books) that I'm excited to read. The outbox is a quick snippet of titles I've finished if you don't want a huge long review of them. And the in the queue is an extra little bit of what I'm in the middle of right now.


Thanks to the lovely folks at Wunderkind PR and St. Martin's Press, these are two of the books recently sent to me that I'm most excited about.

A huge fan of Ready Player One (did you hear the movie, directed by Spielberg himself, finally has a release date? December 2017), I couldn't wait to get my hands on Armada. I missed it at BEA (I think it was a very exclusively available thing there), but never fear! Zack, a video game enthusiast, maybe fanatic, is ultra-confused when he starts seeing alien things from a fictional video game world.

Still Life Las Vegas was a surprise title, and one I hadn't heard of before it magically appeared on my doorstep. A recent high school graduate and artist can't stop looking for clues about his mother, whom he barely knew because she disappeared twelve years ago. This book is a mixture of prose and illustrations and comic panels, and it looks beautiful and mysterious and so, so intriguing.

I've recently finished two very drastically different but equally compelling reads, both meant for the middle grade or young(er ish?) category.

Anna and the Swallow Man was a book I picked up at BEA mainly because the cover was beautiful, and the bit on the back was only a few sentences but was very intriguing. Other than that, knew nothing about it. Upon finishing, I discovered it was a title meant for middle grade or children, and that changed my whole view on it, and I want to go back and re-read. Told from the perspective of a young 7-year-old Polish girl in the heart of World War II, this book is about personal journeys, sacrifice, and trust. It was mysterious and eerie as all tales involving the grim and horror of the war should be, and it was phenomenal to see what it looked like through a small child's eyes who was trying to comprehend what was happening. (Teachers, I highly recommend for 4–7th grade classes for a companion to go along with World War II lessons.)

Purely from my interest in reading about alchemy and magic (one of those lifelong interests that was one of my favorites to read about as a kid), The Blackthorn Key had everything my 12-year-old self wanted in a fast-paced, high-stakes novel about a young apprentice trying to discover the secret his master had been killed for hiding. It covers everything from friendship, poverty, religion, morality, and some seriously cool fight scenes (with the MC concocting explosives to plan his escape from the villains). What a fun adventure I had with this one! (This was another BEA title—I'm so proud that I've read quite a few of my pick-ups! Still not enough, but getting there.)

In the Queue

One from each age level (though I don't really believe you ever grow out of reading anything)!

Confession: I've never read Bridget Jones. I'm in the middle of March right now though, and I'm really liking it, especially since she works in publishing, which I'm identifying with a lot.

Fuzzy Mud is Louis Sachar's newest work, which officially released August 4. It's great so far, and brings up a lot of important issues, like betterment of science vs. environmental safety while also covering more ubiquitous middle school issues like bullying and whether or not you should help the kid who's been mean to you all this time.

One of the first books in a while that's made me question my YA love is Never Always Sometimes. While mostly fun to read, it also has some cringe-worthy talky-talk lovey-dovey moments that make me want to barf a little. I know first loves are intense, but really? Am I just too old now? I'm pretty sure my high school self would have made a face too.

Talk to me!

What are you reading now? Anything you just finished that was amazing or terrible? What have you been getting in the mail? Let's talk about it in the comments!

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  1. I'm excited to get to Armada! I loved ready player one as well and oh gosh, it's been forever since they've announced the movie! I can't wait. :)


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