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Running List of books reviewed on Happy Book Lovers
List is done alphabetically by author's last name, with title following that links to my review.

 — A —
ABE, Shana : The Sweetest Dark
ALBERTALLI, Becky : Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda
ALENDER, Katie : Marie Antoinette: Serial Killer
ALLEN, Rachael : 17 First Kisses
ALTEBRANDO, Tara : Roomies
ANDERSON, Jodi Lynn : Tiger Lily
ARNETT, Mindy : The Nightmare Affair
AVEYARD, Victoria : Red Queen

— B —
BACHORZ, Pam : Candor
BARNES, Jennifer Lynn : The Naturals
BAUER, Joan : Peeled
BECK, Ian : Pastworld
BENINCASA, Sara : Great
BERNE, Emma Carlson : Never Let You Go
BERRY, Julie : The Amaranth Enchantment
BEST, Rosie : Skulk
BLISS, Brian : No Parking at the End Times
BOBET, Leah : Above
BOORMAN, Kate : Winterkill
BOWMAN, Erin : Frozen
BOWMAN, Erin : Taken
BRASHARES, Ann : 3 Willows
BRASHARES, Ann : The Here and Now
BRAY, Libba : Going Bovine
BROSS, Lanie : Fates
— C —
CABOT, Meg : Airhead
CABOT, Meg : Insatiable
CABOT, Meg : Overbite
CALETTI, Deb : The Nature of Jade
CALETTI, Deb : The Six Rules of Maybe
CALONITA, Jen : Sleepaway Girls
CANTOR, Jillian : Searching for Sky
CAREY, Anna : Blackbird
CARRIGER, Gail : Etiquette & Espionage
CARROLL, Emily : Through the Woods
CARTER, Aimee : Pawn
CARTER, Ally : Heist Society
CARTER, Ally : Uncommon Criminals
CARTER, Caela : My Best Friend, Maybe
CASS, Kiera : The Elite
CASS, Kiera : The One
CASS, Kiera : The Selection
CASTLE, Jennifer : The Beginning of After
CASTROVILLA, Selene : The Girl Next Door
CHOLDENKO, Gennifer : If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period
CIOCCA, Gina : Last Year's Mistake
CLARE, Cassandra : City of Bones
CLINES, Peter : 14
COLASANTI, Susane : Now & Forever
COLBERT, Brandy : Pointe
COLLINS, Suzanne : The Hunger Games
COLLINS, Suzanne : Mockingjay
COOK, Trish : Notes from the Blender
COOK, Trish : A Really Awesome Mess
CONDIE, Ally : Matched
COTUGNO, Katie : 99 Days
CRANDELL, Bethany : Summer on the Short Bus
CROSSAN, Sarah : The Weight of Water
CUMMINGS, Lindsay : The Murder Complex
— D —
DEEBS, Tracy : Tempest Rising
DESSEN, Sarah : Along for the Ride
DESSEN, Sarah : The Moon and More
DESSEN, Sarah : What Happened to Goodbye
DOLAMORE, Jaclyn : Between the Sea and Sky
DOLAMORE, Jaclyn : Magic Under Glass
DOLBY, Tom : Secret Society
DOLLER, Trish : The Devil You Know
DOLLER, Trish : Where the Stars Still Shine
DOWDING, Philippa : The Strange Gift of Gwendolyn Golden
DUNN, Mark : Ella Minnow Pea

— E —
ECHOLS, Jennifer : Dirty Little Secret
ECHOLS, Jennifer : Love Story

— F —
FALLON, Leigh : The Carrier of the Mark
FANTASKEY, Beth : Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side
FIORE, Kelly : Just Like the Movies
FIORE, Kelly : Taste Test
FITZPATRICK, Becca : Hush, Hush
FITZPATRICK, Huntley : What I Thought Was True
FLEISCHMAN, Paul : Whirligig
FLETCHER, Erin : Where You'll Find Me
FORMAN, Gayle : If I Stay
FRANKLIN, Emily : The Other Half of Me
FRIEDMAN, Aimee : Sea Change

— G —
GAIMAN, Neil : The Ocean at the End of the Lane
GERAGOTELIS, Brittany : Life's a Witch
GERAGOTELIS, Brittany : What the Spell
GIER, Kerstin : Ruby Red
GIER, Kerstin : Sapphire Blue
GLEACHER, Jimmy : Paradise Rules
GLINES, Abbi : Breathe
GRAYSON, Josh : Sia
GREEN, John : The Fault in Our Stars
GREEN, John : Paper Towns
GROSSMAN, Lev : The Magicians
GRIMES, Shaunta : Viral Nation
GUZEMAN, Tracy : The Gravity of Birds

— H —
HAAS, Abigail : Dangerous Girls
HALAS, Marilynne : Play On
HALPIN, Brendan : Notes from the Blender
HALPIN, Brendan : A Really Awesome Mess
HAWKINS, Rachel : Miss Mayhem
HAWKINS, Rachel : Rebel Belle
HEADLEY, Maria Dahvana : Magonia
HEASLEY, Gwendolyn : Where I Belong
HENDRIX, Grady : Horrorstor
HOCKING, Amanda : Switched
HOLM, Jennifer : The Fourteenth Goldfish
HOWARD, J.J. : That Time I Joined the Circus
HUBBARD, Jenny : And We Stay
HUBBARD, Kirsten : Wanderlove
HUGHES, Anita : French Coast

— I —

— J —
JÄÄSKELÄINEN, PASI ILMARI : The Rabbit Back Literature Society 
JAY, Stacey : Juliet Immortal
JOHNSON, Maureen : 13 Little Blue Envelopes
JONES, Carrie : After Obsession
JOYCE, Graham : The Silent Land

— K —
KARALIUS, Kimberly : Love Fortunes and Other Disasters
KARASCH, Megan : Chaperones
KAUFMAN, Amie : These Broken Stars
KENNEALLY, Miranda : Jesse's Girl
KERMAN, Piper : Orange Is the New Black
KIRBY, Jessi : Moonglass
KING, A. S. : Reality Boy
KRAUS, Daniel : The Monster Variations
KRAUT, Julie : Slept Away
KRYS, Michelle : Hexed
KUEHN, Stephanie : Charm & Strange

— L —
LAKE, Nick : Hostage Three
LAKE, Nick : There Will Be Lies
LANDERS, Melissa : Alienated
LANGE, Erin Jade : Dead Ends
LARBALESTIER, Justine : How to Ditch Your Fairy
LEAVITT, Lindsey : The Chapel Wars
LEAVITT, Lindsey : Going Vintage
LENO, Katrina : The Half Life of Molly Pierce
LEVITHAN, David : Naomi & Eli's No Kiss List
LEVY, Debbie : Imperfect Spiral
LIU, Liana : The Memory Key
LLOYD-JONES, Emily : Illusive
LOCKHART, E. : We Were Liars
LORD, Emery : Open Road Summer
LUBAR, David : Extremities

— M —
MACKLER, Carolyn : Vegan Virgin Valentine
MADONIA, Kristen-Paige : Fingerprints of You
MADOW, Michelle : The Secret Diamond Sisters
MAFI, Tahereh : Ignite Me
MAFI, Tahereh : Shatter Me
MAFI, Tahereh : Unravel Me
MANTCHEV, Lisa : Eyes Like Stars
MARR, Melissa : Made for You
MATSON, Morgan : Since You've Been Gone
MATTHEWS, Owen : How to Win at High School
MCBRIDE, Georgia : Praefatio
MCGEE, Krista : First Date
MCGOVERN, Cammie : Say What You Will
MCNAMARA, Amy : Lovely, Dark and Deep
MCNEIL, Gretchen : Possess
MILLER, Sarah : The Lost Crown
MIRANDA, Megan : Fracture
MLYNOWSKI, Sarah : Don't Even Think About It
MOORE, Kelly : Amber House
MORRISON, Angela : Sing Me To Sleep
MOSELEY, Meg : Gone South
MURDOCK, Catherine Gilbert : The Off Season

— N —
NADOL, Jen : The Mark
NEILL, Chloe : Firespell
NICHOLS, Lee : Betrayal
NICHOLS, Lee : Deception
NIVEN, Jennifer : All the Bright Places

— O —
OCKLER, Sarah : Bittersweet
OCKLER, Sarah : Twenty Boy Summer
OLIVER, Lauren : Delirium
OLIVER, Lauren : Vanishing Girls
OSTROVSKI, Emil : The Paradox of Vertical Flight

— P —
PARK, Jessica : Left Drowning
PATTERSON, James : The Dangerous Days of Daniel X
PATTERSON, James : Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel
PATTERSON, James : Max: A Maximum Ride Novel
PEARCE, Jackson : As You Wish
PEARSON, Mary : The Adoration of Jenna Fox
PEARSON, Mary : The Miles Between
PERKINS, Stephanie : Anna and the French Kiss 
PERKINS, Stephanie : Isla and the Happily Ever After
PERKINS, Stephanie : Lola and the Boy Next Door
PERRY, Jolene : The Summer I Found You
PHILPOT, Chelsey : Even in Paradise
PICOULT, Jodi : Keeping Faith
PREBLE, Joy : Dreaming Anastasia
PREBLE, Joy : Haunted
PROACH, Deanna : To Be Maria

— Q —

— R —
RAE, Kristin : Wish You Were Italian
REED, Larkin & Tucker : Amber House
REICHS, Kerry : Leaving Unknown
REID, Heather : Pretty Dark Nothing
RENNISON, Louise : Withering Tights
RIGGS, Ransom : Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
ROCK, J.K : Camp Boyfriend
ROTH, Veronica : Divergent
ROUDA, Kaira : Here, Home, Hope
ROWELL, Rainbow : Eleanor & Park
ROWELL, Rainbow : Fangirl

— S —
SCHMAIS, Libby : The Pillow Book of Lotus Lowenstein
SCOTT, Elizabeth : Heartbeat
SCOTT, Inara : The Candidates
SETTERFIELD, Diane : The Thirteenth Tale
SHARPE, Tess : Far From You
SHEINMEL, Alyssa B. : Second Star
SHOWALTER, Gena : Intertwined
SHUKERT, Rachel : Starstruck
SIEGEL, Phillip : The Break-Up Artist
SIMNER, Janni Lee : Bones of Faerie
SMITH, Andrew : Winger
SMITH, Jennifer E. : This is What Happy Looks Like 
SPALDING, Amy : Kissing Ted Callahan
SPOONER, Meagan : These Broken Stars
STANDIFORD, Natalie : How to Say Goodbye in Robot
STINE, R. L. : Party Games
STOLARZ, Laurie Faria : Welcome to the Dark House
STRACHER, Cameron : The Water Wars
SUMA, Nova Ren : Imaginary Girls

— T —
THOMAS, Rob : Veronica Mars: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line
THOMPSON, Alicia : Psych Major Syndrome
TINTERA, Amy : Reboot
TOMP, Sarah : My Best Everything
TREGAY, Sarah : Fan Art
TRIGIANI, Adriana : Viola in Reel Life
TRIGIANI, Adriana : Viola in the Spotlight

— U —

— V —
VAN DE RUIT, John : Spud
VAUGHT, Susan : Going Underground

— W —
WALKER, Melissa : Small Town Sinners
WARGA, Jasmine : My Heart and Other Black Holes
WARMAN, Jessica : Where The Truth Lies
WEBER, Lori : Picture Me
WEINGARTEN, Lynn : Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls
WEST, Kasie : The Distance Between Us
WEST, Kasie : The Fill-In Boyfriend
WEST, Kasie : On the Fence
WEST, Kasie : Pivot Point
WEST, Kasie : Split Second
WESTERFELD, Scott : Leviathan
WHEELER, S. M. : Sea Change
WHITAKER, Alecia : The Queen of Kentucky
WHYMAN, Matt : The Savages
WILLIAMS, Carol Lynch : The Haven
WOOD, Fiona : Wildlife

— Y —
YEOMANS, Ellen : Rubber Houses
YOVANOFF, Brenna : The Replacement

— Z —
 ZARR, Sara : Roomies

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